Art Program


Introducing the RCS art program!

At RCS Art teachers will be working with all students across all grades covering the seven elements of art, including:

  • color theroy
  • line
  • perspective
  • texture
  • value
  • tone
  • form

Each grade will focus on artists from classic to contemporary, while they create art in a variety of mediums: acrylic, watercolor, collage, sculpture, drawing and much more. Keep your eyes peeled while throughout RCS for the artwork adorning our campus.

The Art program is always looking for donations of supplies and materials.
Email your schools art teacher to contribute!

About me

My name is Ms. Kafarova but my students call me Ms. K. I have experience teaching students of all ages from TK, elementary, middle, all the way up to high school. I graduated from Sacramento State University with a bachelor’s degree in Art Education and a minor in Art Studio in 2020. Later in 2022, I obtained my teaching credential and master’s degree in the arts of teaching. I come from a multicultural background, and am fluent in Russian and English, and also know some Spanish and Azerbaijani. My teaching philosophy is that all children are artists with their own unique styles and ways of seeing the world. My job is to give them the tools necessary to express their creativity and points of view safely in a fun learning environment. Incorporating history, discussions and written reflections into my art lessons are also crucial in order for students to develop skills that allow them to observe, critique, and talk about art in both an objective and subjective way.